In case of roofing related emergencies, call (647) 889-9091 for our 24/7 hotline

Our Emergency roof Repair service aims to resolve your roofing issues as quickly as possible in order to prevent the damage from spreading to your home and undermining its structural integrity. Quality Home Roofing employs a very large staff of experienced and flexible employees, who swiftly respond to your emergencies and are committed to providing repair services as quickly as possible and at reasonable rates.

Quality Home Roofing offers:

     • 24 Hour Emergency call center

     • Ability to perform work on all types of roofing

     • Our repairs and timely, efficient and long lasting

     • Competitive rates

We respond swiftly to all inquiries made to our 24 hour emergency helpline. Our team of experienced roofers promises to deliver the ability to perform quality work on most types of roofing, including not only residential, but also industrial and commercial roofs.  We are ready to respond to your call at any time of the day or night, so when you truly have a pressing emergency, you can always rely on Quality Home Roofing for speedy repairs.

The most important goal in any emergency repairs it the prevention of further water damage inside your house. A leaking roof can allow water to seep into your home, damaging not only the roof itself, but also the very structure of your house or business. This is why it is incredibly important to repair any severe damage as soon as possible in order to prevent the spreading of water damage and protect your property and your possessions. Sometimes Quality Home Roofing may provide you with quick temporary repairs, in which case we promise to return as soon as possible and conduct final and long lasting repairs.  We promise to make certain that there is absolutely no water left within the structure of the roof, and that all possible catalysts for future damage are removed.

Call Quality Home Roofing at (647) 889-9091 for your emergency roof repair needs within Toronto and the GTA.